Long Island Ice Cream Tour

The Long Island Ice Cream Tour

The official Long Island Ice Cream Tour logo. By Derek Steen.

Founded in 2011, the event was just a small family day of fun. By the second year, I knew we needed a logo to represent the event when sharing it with friends and in a Facebook event. It started with the now-iconic 4-scoop ice cream cone which I created as a vector in Illustrator. Then I used a simple yet fun typeface (Eurofurence) for the text portion of the graphics.

Each year, I make a square image containing the year’s colour theme for use on social media. A circular gradient is used in the background and I log the RGB colours in a database to reference when creating additional graphics for that given year.


I’ve made various icons for the LIICT website. This includes various sides of favicons which are optimised for saving as a home screen icon on phones and tablets.

LIICT favicon various sizes.png

The ice cream cones are used as icons on the locations of each ice cream parlour for our map that attendees use to decide which section of the tour they will join. Much like our other branding with yearly colours, an ice cream “flavour” is picked to fit with that year’s colour. For 2018, the colour was pink, so a strawberry ice cream cone was placed on the map.

Google Maps - LIICT 2018 Map animation3.gif

Due to our success and subsequent media coverage, in 2019 we began charging admission for the event which included a branded t-shirt and stickers. I also created flyers for each location on the tour to hang in the window in the weeks leading up to the event. For the flyers, I kept the important information front and center while capturing the fun nature and yearly colour of the event. Each flyer displays a different time, address, and stop number.

LIICT Flyer 2019 - 9 Snowflake.jpg
LIICT 2019 Sticker round - bottle.jpeg

Here’s an example of our LIICT 2019 sticker in print. The square logo was cropped to be a circle with a bleed edge and saved with in a CMYK colour space. It yielded a high quality print that didn’t need any document preparation from the print shop.