Strong Tower General Contracting

Strong Tower General Contracting is a home repair and remodelling company based in the Lehigh Valley. I have known the owner, Mark, for several years and he hired me to create a full branding package for his company. Based on the scripture Proverbs 18:10, I knew the company name would need a logo that represents a fortress of integrity. I found some images of old castles and towers which I used as inspiration for the illustrated logomark.

Strong Tower General Contracting Business Card 2019-large-front-v2(sRGB).jpg

The first product I created was business cards. Mark wanted very simple colours (i.e., black and white) for the branding. As a colour fiend and design student, I know pure black and white can be harsh and can look cheap or unprofessional. Therefore, I used some dark and mid greys to blend together the tones of the logo and text throughout the products.

Screenshot_2019-08-03 About Us — Strong Tower General Contracting.jpg

Next, I hosted and designed a website and custom email to improve their SEO and display their experience. Keeping it very simple, I made pages for About, Testimonals, Services, and Contact. Each one contains relevant images, keywords, and descriptions.

This central location for their work and brand makes it simple for current and prospective clients to see their trustworthiness and easily get in contact with the team.

Of course, relevant social media links are provided in the footer, and those social media pages link back to the website.


Prints! The logo was adapted for a large decal on the side and rear of Mark’s pickup truck. This had to be very large (compared to the business cards) and the vector made for easy resizing. The marketing power of vehicle branding is very powerful. More than billboards or yard signs because it can sit in front of you in traffic and also be a stationary advertisement while parked at job sites. They also had t-shirts, hoodies and baseball caps screenprinted at a local printshop and distributed to present the Strong Tower team in a professional manner.